Rifnik Garden

The Rifnik Garden of the Mauer family came into existence in 1989. The garden comprises collections of conifers, perennials, and trees. When planting the garden, the owners did not forget plants that grow in the shade and half shade such as the numerous varieties of scrubs, roskoas, podophylums and other plants. In addition, you can admire many other special and unusual plants in the garden that are rare not only in our country, but also in Europe. In addition to the May-July flowering plants, the garden also contains plants that bloom from September to November. All the plants that grow in the Rifnik Garden are listed on their website.

Most are completely unknown in Slovenia (and Europe), but due to the value of horticultural merit they deserve to be planted more frequently. In the garden you can also visit the largest private collection of Slovenian types of ornamental plants, both perennials and trees. 
The largest ornamental garden in Šentjur which is located on the southern slope of Rifnik (at an altitude of 347 m) comprises a collection garden on an area of about 3,000 m² and an assortment garden on 6,000 m². 
The easiest way to find it is to follow the signposts for the Rifnik archaeological site and the road will take you straight to the garden at the foot of the hill.  The trip can be combined with a pleasant visit to the archaeological site, which is only less than a kilometre further up the hill. 

The garden is open to the public on open door days every year:

  • second Saturday and Sunday of June, from 8:00 to 18:00,
  • third Saturday and Sunday in September, from 8:00 to 18:00.

Viewing is also possible by prior arrangement. 


Gorazd Mauer
Jakob 7b, Šentjur
Phone: 00386 (0)68 13 70 40
E-mail: vrt@rifnik.si
Website: http://www.rifnik.siwww.facebook.com/rifnik.si/

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 46.1907244° Longitude: 15.4030603°