Jenšterle Organic Farm

Cattle of meat breeds are bred on the organic family farm Jenšterle. The animals are bred in a nature and animal-friendly manner, without stress and the use of antibiotics, hormones and artificial feedstuffs. They sell fresh veal and veal products visitors can taste at the tasting house, which can accept large groups of guests.

The farm is located at the foot of Rifnik, also called “Gora” (mountain), in the Kozjansko region, representing the cultural and archaeological cradle of the residents of Šentjur. With its history dating back 6000 years, it gives a special mark to Šentjur, the broader Kozjansko region and the Jenšterle farm. The farm deals with organic breeding of cattle for meat and processing preserved and semi-preserved organic meat products to traditional recipes. Their cattle spend most of the year outdoors gazing, while, in winter, the animals can move freely in the barn and are fed only grass which is mown in the spring and summer on their meadows. They farm according to the organic guidelines, as they respect nature and are aware of the significance of preserving a healthy and clean environment and natural heritage.

They sell fresh veal and veal products. The tasting house can accept large groups of guests. 

Telephone: 00386 (0)41 604 511

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 46.2063615° Longitude: 15.4107612°