Slomšek Pilgrimage Trail

Route: Slom-Charterhouse Žiče-Nova Cerkev
Length: 30 km 8–9 hours walking
Height difference: about 330 m
The Slomšek pilgrimage trail begins at the birth house of Anton Martin Slomšek in Uniše near Slom. The trail leads past five crosses, representing the contemplation of the sad part of the rosary, ahead to the idyllic Church of St. Oswald to the Parish Church of St. Martin in Ponikva.

In Ponikva, the trail continues past the gas station towards the north, and, after walking about two hours along a straight trail also leading through the settlement of Zgornji Zagaj, named after the local Mihael Zagajšek who published the first grammar book written in Slovene, the trail ascends to the Church of St. Ursula.

From the Church of St. Ursula, the trail continues through Vodule and Grušce past the hamlet Špitalič to the Žiče Monastery. This section of the trail takes about two hours to complete. From the Charterhouse, the trail leads to Slemene, through the valley of Brdce, past the place where Slomšek’s mother was born, to the beautiful Gothic church in Črešnjice.  Through the village of Bezenškovo Bukovje, the trail continues to Frankolovo, from where it descends to Nova Cerkev along earth tracks and forest roads.


GPS coordinates

Latitude: 46.2409698° Longitude: 15.4330248°