The trail of the three famous men of Ponikva

The trail is historical and geographic, and called after the Levantine Bishop Anton Martin Slomšek, the Cartographer and Geographer  Blaž Kocen, and the Grammarian and Lexicographer Mihael Zagajšek. Using the signposts, follow Slomšek’s Blaže and Nežica.
The local road leads from the Blaž Kocen Ponikva Primary School to a stunning panoramic view at the Church of Saint Oswald. Continue on a part of Slomšek’s hiking trail to Slom, where you can see permanent exhibitions about the Bishop’s life and work in the renovated birth house of Slomšek. At the Ponikva Railway Station, you can see a historical interpretation of the significance of one of the first 8 Railway Stations along the Southern Railway Line Vienna–Celje, built in 1846, on the territory of Slovenia.
A somewhat longer walk on the walking trail will take you to the Memorial Room and monument of Blaž Kocen at Zgornje Hotunje.  Crossing the Hotunje forest, you reach Masten’s ponds, where you can enjoy some time in peaceful harmony with nature, and recharge your batteries to continue along the way.

The trail passes fields, where you reach a settlement and continue your way down the road towards the former property of Zagajšek. Here, you can still admire the might of the former property, and read much more about Mihael Zagajšek from the historical board.

Passing an orchard down the trail along the railway, you reach the main road and chestnut avenue that used to be part of a Manor.  The Auffarth Manor no longer exists, and a rich collection of antiquities is held in a former court, the former Rosenau villa, today’s Gobčeva House. Between the houses, the trail leads to the Šamec sandpit, which is rich in quartz grains, parts of algae and shells. There are boards presenting the age of these sediments.

The walking trail leads from the main road back to Ponikva, where you finish your excursion with a view of the Baroque interior of the Church of Saint Martin.


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