Church of St. Primus and Felicianus

The branch church is situated next to the former Roman road which led from Celje through Ponikva, Mestinje and Studenice to Ptuj. 
It was first mentioned when Emperor Frederick III in the act of 16 March 1457 allowed a trade fair on the feast day of St.  Primus on 9 June. Later, a fair day was added on the feast day of St. Isidore on 4 April. 
The present-day building is from the early 18th century and was redecorated in the mid-20th century. It is adorned with three altars. The main altar was constructed in the middle of the 18th century and is also adorned with statues of St.  Primus and Felician. The side altars are the work of master Rangus from Vojnik, constructed in 1853. The altar of St. Valentine is adorned with an altarpiece depicting the church. There was once a cemetery around the church as reported by the central registers of the Šentjur parish.

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 46.241049° Longitude: 15.404521°