Ipavec House

The birth house of the Ipavec dynasty, a dynasty of composers, doctors, great patriots and Europeans has stood in the Zgornji trg Square since 1760. The house hosts a permanent exhibition on the Ipavec family, a wedding hall, wine cellar, a smaller hall for events, as well as the Plečnik fountain and a stone table situated in the garden with an event space under the ancient linden tree.

The Celje Provincial Museum renovated the exhibition in 2018 which is presented in three parts:

On the first floor, the first part of the exhibition presents the ŠENTJUR PERIOD IN THE 19TH CENTURY – from 1805 when Franc Ipavec moved into the house until 1921, when Josip Ipavec died, both a physician and a composer.

The second part of the exhibitions on the first floor of the house includes an ambient recreation of a bourgeois salon. The IPAVEC SALON was something special for that time, with music playing the central role in it. Therefore, the atmosphere of the bourgeois salon and illustration of the female fashion of the time were recreated.

The attic spaces are fully dedicated to the life and work of Alojz, Gustav, Benjamin and Josip Ipavec who were DOCTORS and MUSICIANS.

Alongside the Ipavec House grows a special vine, “bleu de cologne” (Modra kavčina), a graft of the oldest vine in Europe from Lent in Maribor.

Opposite the Ipavec House stands the birth house of Josip Ipavec, which was built by his father Gustav. The exterior has a modest neoclassical façade with a pronounced central part – a triangular gable and a slightly protruding avant-corps.

From Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 15:00 and by prior arrangement.


GPS coordinates

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