Žurej Ječovo Tourist Farm

On the farm, which used to be the Castle’s outhouse, you can enjoy authentic home-made food and wine which has received many awards, or have some fun with your company on various occasions or celebrations. Rooms for groups were arranged in the charming hayrack, where guests will also be able to sleep. A large parking place also welcomes mobile home users. The satisfaction of guests and visitors comes first for the friendly locals.

Legend has it that an underground tunnel ran from the Žusem Castle to the Žurej farm, where dungeons used to be located – hence the name Ječovo. One of these dungeons is now a part of the agricultural building, used as a very cold cellar.

A pleasantly arranged farmer’s room can accept up to 70 guests. We serve home-made food, as well as vegetarian meals.

You can smell the scent of home-made bread, tarragon and walnut potica (sweet roll), as well as fruit bread coming from the bread oven. The housewife prepares “our grandmothers’ dishes” – vegetarian barley and bean stew, buckwheat žganci, baked rolled dumplings, apple sauce with beans, millet porridge, the traditional bread of the Kozjansko region “pršjača” etc.

The master can take you on a ride in a horse-drawn cart “zapravljivček” to the Slivniško jezero lake. The farm is home to numerous animals, and you can enjoy the view of the pasture with horses, cows, goats etc.

A part of the Slomšek Pilgrimage Trail from Olimje to Kalobje also leads past the homestead.

Telephone: 00386 (0)41 203 914
E-mail: info@zurej.si
Website: www.zurej.si


GPS coordinates

Latitude: 46.167278180133° Longitude: 15.468371982556°