Loka pri Žusmu Hunting Family

Loka pri Žusmu Hunting Family
LD Loka pri Žusmu
Dobrina 32

3223 Loka pri Žusmu

Anton Gajšek, 00386 (0)31 247 551

The Loka pri Žusmu Hunting Family consists of 29 members. They are in charge of a hunting area extending over 2,800 ha, comprising 5 local communities (Šmarje pri Jelšah, Šentjur, Lesično, Podčetrtek and Virštanj). The land adjoins 5 neighbouring families (Dobje, Podčetrtek, Pristava, Loka and Log Šentvid).

Number of animals in this area: 220 game animals (deer), 30–35 chamois, many wild boars, very few rabbits and a few foxes.

The hunting family is visited by hunters from Germany and Austria. You can observe their work and animals in the field.

The Podgaj Inn in Loka pri Žusmu offers home-made sausages (wild boar, deer), wine, and can show you hunting trophies etc.

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 46.1524635° Longitude: 15.4842977°