Museum Collection Rifnik and its treasures

In the old town square opposite the Parish Church of St. George there is an archaeological exhibition, which depicts thousands of years of Rifnik’s history.

You can admire over 600 exhibits in sets of display cases showcasing the Neolithic period to the arrival of the Slavs. In addition to the exhibits, the reconstruction of prehistoric houses and manner of dressing is also displayed. Explanatory texts and blown-up photos of the most remarkable objects, various reconstruction and field documentation are located on panels. The Rifnik wealth lies not only in the abundant amount of individual excavations, but also in the infinite number of simple objects of daily use, which, with their tales bring us closer to the life of the ancient inhabitants of this striking hill south of the city centre.

From Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 16:00 and by prior arrangement.


GPS coordinates

Latitude: 46.2223124° Longitude: 15.3976769°