The Organic Farm Rečnik-Pekošak Ludus Naturae

The farm produces walnuts intertwined in numerous culinary delights, products and exclusive gifts under the trademark Ludus Naturae. 

Spend a few hours in nature under Slovene walnut trees, and get to know the authentic nature and the hospitality in the country.

The arranged tasting room, which can accept groups consisting of 10 to 60 persons, offers the tasting of superior walnuts processed in different ways, such as walnuts with chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, apples with walnuts, home-made bread with walnuts, home-made seasonal salads with walnut oil, and many more. They serve home-made refreshing linden juice in the shadow of their walnut tree on hot summer days.

The organic farm Rečnik-Pekošak has been dealing with the organic production of domestic noble walnuts since 1999. They are known for various types of innovative walnut products, which are wrapped or added to gift sets of the celebrities who lived or were active in the vicinity of the farm. They are very proud of their production of the municipal protocol gift SLOMŠEK’S WALNUT TREE which is a trademark of the Municipality of Šentjur. The creation of gift packages is tailored to the wishes of their customers. Their walnut oil can also be purchased in pharmacies and specialised shops.

They invite you to visit them and see for yourself that they can truly conjure up an authentic, friendly atmosphere, so that you will be satisfied and enraptured from the experience of new tastes.

They can accept groups consisting of 10 to 60 persons in their arranged tasting room. 

Telephone: 00386 (0)41 61 75 73


GPS coordinates

Latitude: 46.2698543° Longitude: 15.425872°